I am here to help you achieve your dreams. If you feel stuck, overwhelmed, unorganized or lacking direction then Life Coaching will help you discover your passion. As a professional life coach, combining my training, experience and interpersonal development skills, I have helped clients to achieve many goals including the following:

Business and personal success

Overcome dependence on anti-depressants

Manage time better and work more effectively

Re-establish contact with family / Heal rifts

Feel more confident and positive

Sort out finances / Increase income

Get more focus and direction

End a troubled relationship

Overcome dependence on alcohol

Establish a new long term relationship

Find meaningful work

Overcome worries

Balance their lives

Move to new country

Tackle health issues

..and much much more!

Below are some of the comments from people who I have coached (where requested pseudonyms have been used to protect confidentiality):

I was completely obsessed by my ex-partner who had moved on years ago. I bitterly regretted our split and thought that no-one else could possibly be as good. Andy helped me to realise that there most certainly could be someone better for me and, in no time at all, I’ve now found them! – Dave , Kent

“When I met Andy I was stuck in a job I didn’t really like and felt very alone with little prospects. Now I have realized my dream of living and working in France and have a wonderful new partner” - Wayne, Brittany

“I was at a point where I really didn’t want to go on, and I was heavily dependent on alcohol and anti-depressants. In my humble opinion, talking to Andy literally saved my life. He encouraged me to think positively, overcome my inner critic and see the best in any situation. His background means he has great listening skills and compassion. I am now very happy and settled and half way through a course that will get me into my dream career. Life is so much better” - Graham, London

“I saw Andy as I was stressed out in a job that I was working all hours in and had begun to hate, plus my latest relationship had been disastrous and I had a lot of family issues that were also getting me down. I now have a great new job that I love and am getting on much better with my family. Whilst I am now single I would say I am “happily single” and now ready for a new relationship which I’m confident isn’t far away” – Andrew, South London


“Andy helped me through a difficult time where I had my own business that was really struggling and it was difficult to see the “wood for the trees”. I also had many relationship issues. Andy helped me resolve these and get back on track so that I am now happily in a new job and relationship and life is grand” -  Joe, Central London

” I was very confused about my relationship. I was acting badly towards my partner and very moody , there was a lot of blame thrown around between us and I felt quite bitter about previous let downs. Andy helped me to see the situation from a totally different perspective and heartily forgive my partner so that our relationship had a fresh chance.  We are making more of an effort in our relationship to spend quality time together and also to go out with friends and be more social. I am a lot more in control of my life and have started to enjoy everyday things which I’ve ignored for so long. Other people have noticed a change in me ...I am surprised at how calm and relaxed I am about things now. Andy's coaching has given me tools with which to take control of my life and move forward. Ideas, thoughts and feelings which had been suppressed have gradually come back and given me confidence that I can now achieve my dreams." – Frank , New York

“..your priceless help has helped  to boost my self confidence, I’ve come to realise that the way you think creates an atmosphere. To think “positively” even if its raining cats and dogs makes you feel much better.. it really works.. I have a greater sense of achievement and feel pleased with myself. I have more room emotionally and mentally to cope and enjoy my relationships. I sleep better, enjoy life more and worry less” - Hans, Berlin