Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is a life coach?
A life coach helps you make well thought out choices rather than unconscious decisions, so you have an active role in what happens to you rather than just allowing life to happen to you or doing what others think you should, as so many people do.

Life is about 10% what events happen to us and 90% about how we react to them. So I want you to appreciate you have choices and how good it feels once you are in control and start making the right ones.

Sometimes we're so busy just living life that we forget about the life we really want to lead. At other times we feel stuck or that we are underachieving and want to move on with our lives, but aren't sure quite where to start. As your Life Coach I will help you change your life for the better by helping you to discover exactly what will bring you the most happiness and satisfaction. I will then help you to be the person you wish and deserve to be. We will achieve this by talking through your challenges and then taking positive steps towards setting and achieving reachable goals. You will be rewarded by feeling more confident, happy and self-fulfilled.

2) Why do I need a life coach when I already have family and friends to help and advise me?

Changing our lives for the better is easier when we get the right support, guidance and encouragement in a non-judgmental way. This is where our family and friends may fall short because it is hard for them to be objective and not judgemental.

Just as you would not let them perform heart surgery on you if they were not a trained specialist, isn’t it better to have a trained specialist to help you transform your life?

Family and friends often have their own agenda on what you should do, and they usually have a vested interest in remaining your friend so they may not always be fully honest with you or push you. A Life Coach is unconditionally constructive and unbiased which means only saying things that enhance your life and help make your greatest dreams come true.

3) Why does life coaching work?
Mostly because the things that make life happy and worthwhile are subjective. For one person a good quality of life might involve earning a million £ per annum and having a mansion. For another it might involve having a great career or relationship, or simply being able to manage day-to-day life better.

I will help you to explore what it is that you really want, what is a good quality of life for you, and how you can achieve that. Our coaching begins with a Quality of Life Assessment where we will score different areas in your life in terms of their importance, the satisfaction rating you give them and most importantly what your ultimate goals or dreams are in each area.

As a life coach I have been trained to listen fully to what you say, what you are trying to say, and just as importantly what you are not saying. I know that you have the answers and I will ask the right questions to bring them out. I want the very best for you and am there to support you 100%.

Our coaching relationship -

  • Will provide support and encouragement so you will gain some personal insights into yourself and then identify what you truly want in your life and get it
  • Will enable you to silence your inner critic, boost your self-confidence, maximise your potential and function at your best
  • Will stimulate, motivate and empower you to break through any limiting beliefs and self doubt and focus on positive action to accomplish much more than you could achieve on your own
4) What's the actual process?
  1. Have a free no-obligation initial session at a mutually convenient time and place to -
    • Discuss what you can gain from life coaching
    • Assess which areas of your life you would most like to improve
    • Decide the frequency and times of your future coaching sessions
  2. During the following sessions we will focus on these key areas and review your overall progress regularly to ensure you are achieving what you set out to
  3. It is up to you to decide if or when you wish to reduce or stop the sessions. Usually this occurs after about 1 to 3 months when they have covered all the most important areas and we than reduce the frequency of our sessions gradually.

4) What do we talk about during the session?

The agenda for our meetings is set by you. However, be assured, if there is nothing particular on your mind or you don’t know where to begin, going through our background questionnaire is sure to bring up some ideas for exactly what we need to concentrate on during our time together. 

As a life coach I am trained to understand a person very quickly so you will most likely be surprised at how well I know you after only a short time. And a life coach will never gossip. I will never discuss or even hint at what we have talked about. And my client list is confidential too so the only way people will know you are working with me is if you tell them.

5) How can I get the most out of life coaching?
By having commitment and determination to make your life better, and by being willing to experiment and try out new things.

I will help you revisit old assumptions and expectations, stop tolerating and suffering unwanted things in your life by thinking ‘outside the box’ and encouraging you to achieve goals that are bigger than you ever thought possible. This will help you to -  

  • Get over challenges that are holding you back
  • Create and live the balanced life you really want
  • Understand the values and beliefs that guide you and influence your decisions
  • Become more energetic, focused and enthusiastic
  • Achieve happiness and fulfillment
  • Boost your confidence so you become and feel more successful
  • Be more effective in all areas of your life
  • Take control of your life and your future
  • Enjoy having more good things in your life!
6) What will you provide as my Life Coach?

I have seen the powerful effect that coaching has had on the ability of my clients to make wonderful, amazing and positive changes in their lives. It is profoundly rewarding to be part of this process and to witness the growth of someone committed to realising his or her own dreams. I provide -

  • A non judgmental attitude in a confidential environment
  • Support and encouragement
  • Constructive feedback and motivation

My only agenda is in helping you realise your full potential and achieve your biggest dreams.

7) How do we get started?
Phone or email me to book a complimentary 60 minute introduction session. At the end of which, if we both believe you will benefit from life coaching we will set up our first coaching meetings. Your monthly fee will be payable in advance (as is standard life coaching practice) and I will then provide you with your welcome pack.

If you have any other questions not listed here please feel free to email or phone me –

Contact: Andy Langley
Mobile: 075 9019 8620
Email: uniquelifecoaching@gmail.com