About me

Andy Langley
Let me introduce myself, I’m a 48 years old Life Coach and writer w
ho specializes in providing coaching for minimizing stress and anxiety, improving self esteem, and other related issues in relationships, career or other areas. As a gay man myself, I also specialize in helping other gay men to not only come to terms with the challenges of being gay, but turn it into a positive advantage.

I am a Graduate Member of the Associated Stress Consultants (M.A.S.C.) in Life Coaching and additionally I have also trained and qualified with Noble-Manhattan, one of the most respected Life Coaching institutions in Europe and passed with a distinction so you can be sure I know my subject. I also have a Professional Certificate of Merit in Spiritual Coaching which is also a fascinating subject and can be very life changing, though rest assured I will not push any deep and meaningful philosophies your way (unless you want me to!) Previously I had a very varied and interesting career with time in finance, investment, marketing, I.T, counselling, promotions…. and many other areas, so I have a whole wealth of experience to draw from.

How I coach
It’s important to state that as a coach I do not tell you what to do with your life nor do I judge you. I listen, ask questions and empower you to reveal their own (often surprising and brilliant) hidden solutions. One of the skills of coaching is to help clear away the confusion, obstacles and fear that life so often puts in our way to prevent us having the life that we truly desire.

As a Life Coach I have the highest professional standards which is available to all clients below -

My Personal Code of Conduct for Life Coaching

Ethical Foundation -

I will operate within the standard core values of the coaching profession –

  1. Integrity
  2. Honesty
  3. Transparency
  4. Excellence
  5. Care
  6. Professionalism
  7. Accountability

Section A – Client-Coach relationship

  1. Trust & Confidentiality – I will treat clients with dignity, honesty, trust, integrity and respect, and all information will be treated as absolutely confidential.
  2. Conflicts of interest – Where there is potential for any conflict of interest, I will discuss the conflict with the client and/or professional body to find the best way forward for all.
  3. Boundaries – Where the client’s needs will be better served elsewhere (e.g. with a GP or counsellor) I will suggest so. I will not offer professional information that is beyond my competence.
  4. Coaching longer than necessary – I will not prolong a coaching relationship beyond its useful conclusion or when the client is no longer benefiting from the coaching relationship.
  5. Clients right to terminate relationship – I will respect the clients right to terminate coaching at any point during the process.
  6. Clients as referees – Where clients are used as referees I will always seek their permission first.
  7. Forbidden territories – I will not enter into any areas beyond my professional expertise and will not become emotionally or sexually involved with clients.

Section B – Professional & legal requirements

  1. Standards - I will conduct myself with the highest levels of integrity, accountability and responsibility, represent the true level of my status, title, qualifications, competence and experience and make no claims that are misleading or false, or that cannot be demonstrated or guaranteed. I will ensure all promotional materials are legal, decent and honest.
  2. Personal development – I will maintain my own good health and fitness to practice. If I am unfit to offer the client the highest standards of care I will withdraw from practice.
  3. Professional development - I will aim to undertake continuing professional coaching development on an annual basis as necessary, and will monitor the quality of my work by seeking feedback from clients and other professionals as appropriate.
  4. Professional Indemnity cover – I will ensure I have sufficient professional indemnity cover at all times whilst practicing.
  5. Written records – I will maintain appropriate records of my work with clients and ensure that these are maintained, stored and disposed of in accordance with legal requirements e.g. Data Protection Act.
  6. Commercial agreements / confidentiality – All records will be confidential. Commercial agreements will be clearly worded to avoid any confusion and respect the expectations of both parties.
  7. Legal requirements – All UK laws, copyrights, agreements, intellectual property and trademarks will be respected.

Availability of code and contract – This code and any contract terms and conditions is freely available to all clients at the beginning of our coaching relationship.